PVM Inwestycje
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Experienced Team

PVM team is able to secure all unxpected requirements and technical problems.

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Complex Services

We are abble to manage all investing proces starting from designe proces, supervision till the end – Occupancy Permit

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Knowlage and Expiriences

We efficiently manage the construction and investment process, where we combine professional and technical knowledge as well as knowledge of legal and administrative provisions.


We’ll assess and manage risk levels, anticipate and resolve potential issues, and work with you to ensure that your plans are viable. We’ll balance the different demands of time, cost, design and performance to achieve the best possible outcome for your business. And we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decisions at every stage of the process.

Pre Construction Stage

We are abble to start with you from the begining. Pre construction stage started with us with 3 important items:

  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Potential Scenarious and Options for project
  • Budget for investment
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Koordynacja i nadzór projektowania

Coordination and Designe

Next steeps in project developing are:

  • preparation of all necessary criterias and architectual office recomendation
  • architectual and all branches conceptions
  • building permit drawings and all necessary decisions with permits
  • procurement proces

Project Management:

Project Management has several stages:

  • Procurement procedurę preparation
  • Bids veryfication and elevaluation
  • Tender negotiations with final recomendation to Client
  • Contract preparation with all appendixes
Zarzązanie budową
Nadzór inwestorksi

Technical Supervision

The final stage in that proces is construction supervision with stages:

  • Technical supervision with all branches
  • Time schedul analyses and veryfications
  • Cost Management
  • Changes analyses with cost managements
  • Final Accounts

Energy optymalisation

We offer innovative products that reduce and optimize energy consumption. With us, you will reduce the costs of electricity and electrical equipment, extending their life and reducing CO2 emissions



Dariusz J. Głowacki MIRCS

Kozanowska 32/9
54-152 Wrocław

T: +48 512 697 767
E: biuro@pvm-inwestycje.pl

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